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10 ways to prepare your mind and body for spring

As the cooler months draw to a close it’s only natural that your mind turns to sunshine, the outdoors and all things spring. And whether you’ve kept up healthy winter and lockdown habits, or you decided to hibernate for a while, it’s crucial to set yourself up now with realistic goals for a fit and …Read more »

14 reasons why boxing should be part of your weekly workout

Boxing is a popular way for many people to integrate strength and cardio into their workout routines. This is because boxing has a range of benefits for your body and mind. As a form of aerobic exercise, boxing is a good way to get your heart pumping, get your muscles and bones moving, improve coordination …Read more »

8 techniques to breath better and how to do them

We take around 20,000 breaths a day and have done so our whole life. The act of breathing comes naturally to us in order to survive, but have you ever been taught how to breathe properly? Doing regular breathe work can help to improve your sleep quality, digestion, strengthen your immune system and reduce your …Read more »

5 daily ‘Me Practices’ to change your life

Ever asked yourself, what are some daily practices that will improve my life? Or maybe you’ve wondered, are there some daily practices to make me happier? If that’s you, the answer is yes! By setting time aside to focus on yourself, you can release tension from your life and bring in more joy. And the …Read more »

6 common mistakes that make you lose muscle not fat

Muscle mass is key to our health. Not only does it keep you strong, it also improves quality of life by lessening the risk of injury and bettering your mobility. But the truth is, many people make the mistake of exercising in a way that burns muscle instead of burning fat – which isn’t good. …Read more »

6 stretches to become more flexible

Stretching is a crucial part of any exercise routine. Not only is it a great way to warm up or cool down before or after exercise, it also keeps your muscles and joints healthy, strong and flexible. Which is super important as you spend more time at home, sitting down or moving less than normal. …Read more »

9 tips to avoid winter weight gain and blues

We are well and truly into the chilly season of the year, and while it may seem like the easy time to let things go a little, it’s important to not let your healthy habits slip. So you might be wondering, how can I avoid winter weight gain? We know that it might seem like …Read more »

How To Book Into Your First Live Stream Session

We promote ourselves as aiming to improve the health and fitness of Australian’s across the country, To do this we provide different online offerings to keep you active indoors and outdoors with sessions guided by our professional trainers. All of our members have unlimited access to live-stream sessions including Yoga to stretch hand rejuvenate the …Read more »

7 reasons to get outdoors and exercise

We know that exercising regularly is good for keeping your bones, heart and mind healthy, but did you know the benefits exercise when you choose to do it outside? Getting a daily dose of sun and moving outdoors increases the level of serotonin in our bodies helping us to feel happy. We have put together some …Read more »

6 Forms Of Exercise To Add To Your Life

Exercise is for Everyone We know that it can be hard to get started on a fitness journey if you haven’t exercised before, have taken a break or are thinking of changing up your usual workout routine. Our classes are designed so that people of all fitness and skill levels can achieve an effective and …Read more »